Good Neighbours, an emerging e-commerce company

Establishing visual identity and commercial development. A company that will be open for entrepreneurs to market their great products soon.


Concept and image production

Under my personal brand of Dutsh Amsterdam, images are tailored from concept to production – often with their online context.

Amongst others, I have worked with…



IDTV for DUO – Photography and video direction

Image production and video direction for TV-production company IDTV under assignment of Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs to make the ‘online inburgeringsexamen 2017′. Visual results are state secret of the Netherlands and cannot be shown.
Under Dutsh Amsterdam.


From image concept to publication

Who? Me?


Jeroen has a unique overview, coming up with simple solutions in difficult situations. He is eminently challenged by the possibilities of the new media, always coming up with new aspects and opportunities. - Roel Sandvoort, former CEO Hollandse Hoogte

Optimization of image licensing distribution

Restructuring, (A/B) testing and implementation of both front end and back-end design to optimise image license distribution for Nationale Beeldbank,  VisionsPictures – Pure Green Images and BenU – image project realisation. Projects ranging from 2007 to 2016.


Tilt Amsterdam – agency for branded content

TILT is a young but highly qualified agency that comes is mostly formed by two great ex-JWT guys. Specializing in digital animation and film, a unique mix can be offered in high end branded content. Now working for Vodafone and CitizenM for example, TILT aims at the high end creative segment.

Defining online identity and proposition of TILT has formed one of the major tasks in this promising creative start-up. Project acquisition and growth in accounts is another part of this great work in progress…

He has raised the standard significantly in the online positioning of B en U and in our user experience. Stans Henneman, Director B en U

Visual identity of B en U

B en U – beeld*traject*realisatie – A specialist content company primarily focussed on educational publishers to make, select and organize visual content for books and digital learning systems. The main clients of B en U are Malmberg Uitgeverij and Noordhoff Uitgevers.

The question was to strengthen the value of the brand to existing customers, increase accessibility for new customers and to optimize image selection workflow for the existing client group.

Partners are iMedia, De Webcirkel and Greenhost. Also see

Made under Dutsh Amsterdam.

Jeroen is a very conscience and hard worker. He always delivered as asked and/or promised. He is a nice and warm person next to being a commercial guy. A great pleasure to work with! - Peter Van Den Doel, Managing Director at DuPho

Image rights Menzis | Hazazah

Organising image rights for a commercial for Menzis in assignment of Hazazah. Under B en U.


Malmberg Uitgeverij – Image research and content production

Biologie en Verzorging voor jou, Biologie voor jou and Nova Physics: Educational titles for online and print teaching methods for vmbo to gymnasium.

In the creation of images, illustrations and art-buying, creative teams where involved in the complex projects with often short run times. Working with high standard creatives in this niche has lead to Malmberg being market leader of online en print orientated teaching methods in the Netherlands. Under B en U.


For the love for images: lobby on creative relevance to the European Parliament

As president of the Dutch Trade Association, I was given the opportunity to defend the relevance of the visual sector to a wide scope of industries to the European parliament. The presentation was a part of a lobby against copyright-reform. This reform would ‘liberate’ images from rights if found on the internet. Images by

The total lobby had a positive effect, the reform did not pass.

Under NLimage.


Biowetenschap en maatschappij – Picture editor and image research

For several publications including numerous publications for Stichting BWM, images where chosen for their conceptual and editorial value to communicate issues on the edge between science and social cultural relevance. Click to see an example.


Uitgeverij Noordhoff – image editing projects

Getal en Ruimte, Moderne Wiskunde and Geschiedenis Werkplaats: Educational titles for online and print teaching methods for secondary education. Image research end image editing. Under B en U.


Trade fair stand – visual concept design

Bizz at Plantarium, 2013


Creative editing


A nice little film for the Garden Future Event 2013

For the love of images: Copyrights Awareness campaign

With online tools, momentum was gathered to raise dialogue on the use of images; two succeeding Fairs in 2011 and 2013 where organised to stimulate the dialogue between image users and the image sector. The speaker programme, the event production and the image / video production where essential to the succes.

Promotiefilm Garden Future

Promotiefilm in opdracht van Ontwerpburo Bert Huls/ Libema voor Garden Future event. Under VisionsPictures.


Banners Garden Future event

Image editing and print project for


Online re-positioning VisionsPictures – Pure Green Images

VisionsPictures – Pure Green Images is the leading ‘green’ image library from the Netherlands with a strong international focus, producing and syndicating images and video content for advertising and marketing purposes. The task was to raise the standard to a new level.

The repositioning asked for a strong online presence, as sales of the content works solely online.

Working together with Sodatech and Van Elburg Botanic Media, the brand was re-designed, image metadata and user profiles coupled with front end design, all images SEO-optimized and sales system re-established. The online pull was strengthened via social media campaigns, email marketing, events and print media.

For the love for images: business models for image sales in the online environment

Industry related lecture on metadata to CEPIC-members on image related machine readable rights in the digital environment as used in the business models of VisionsPictures.

editorial fotografie productie2

Editorial production projects

Establishing content for editorial purposes for national and international publication: concept, execution of production and overseeing workflow. Under

Online e-commerce network


The setting up and maintaining of an international channel sales network for creative content distribution lead to a significant revenue stream and strengthened brand awareness for VisionsPictures – Pure Green Images.


Content project 99Roots

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-15 om 09.22.46

Under VisionsPictures, creating and supplying branded content formed a large part of the online identity for several companies. For 99Roots, an online e-commerce platform for a younger generation of garden lovers, selected images play a vital role in the identity. Under Visions.

Beeldadvies NBB

Nationale Beeldbank – image content strategy

Defining visual identity for deliverable images and setting content strategy for supplying photographers to enable e-commerce sales of images for Nationale Beeldbank – an image library specialized in Dutch photography.